Sunday, September 26, 2010

A video

So the family and I went to a fest here in Graf. It was great, they had a mini obstacle course and let kids shoot a weapon ( shot blanks so no worries) The kids enjoyed it and I made a video of it, Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh My!!

Wow this summer has been bad for blogging!! I am so busy, I need to figure out a better way to organize my life!! Where to start?

The kids started school and yes I took pictures and not I do not have them downloaded yet, maybe this weekend but who knows. BAM is in 4th grade and so far likes it. TJ is in 2nd and we have a good teacher and we hope this year is better than last year and he progresses much better!! My youngest is finally in kindergarten and boy was he happy about going. We had met his teacher the week before and when we got to the line for his class he just said by and ran off. No hugs or kisses, no tears on his end, I may have shed a tear later!! :) Now when I go home at lunch its quiet and calm.

Well I am doing fine, just busy and trying to read many many books!! I just got mine from my book club and have already started it. I will review it (if I remember) whenI am done!!

Well thats it in our household, I will TRY to be better and post more often!!

~~on a sad but serious side note, one of my friends Dad has cancer and we are spreading the word for prayers and if you can send a dollar. He sounds like a great guy, well he raised Summer and she is awesome so that's worth sending prayers in my book! Please follow the link and follower her blog, she is a great person and he blog is great to follow. Help her Dad out because he deserves it and so does she!!