Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It broke so now what?

 I like to take pictures. For any big event I have my camera and I am taking pictures. I have iphoto and I love to edit them in it.  It's a hobby and my youngest, we call "doc" will walk around and ask everyone to say pickles.I don't know where he got that but its cute and makes me smile.
 Well I don't know how it happened but my card reader is broken. I can't upload any pictures, poor me. I have pictures from our vacation last week that I want to post on our other blog ( yes I have two blogs) and most likely someday down the road they will be joined together. But they are of Austria and very beautiful Austrian Alps and my kids playing in the snow that we got on the 1st of April. What an APril fools joke we got that day!! So I guess I am off to the store tomorrow to buy another on eand then I will be able to post many pictures again!! YAY me!!

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Michelle said...

That would not be cool if I could not load my pictures. I hope it gets fixed soon!