Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blogs I love

I follow many, many blogs. I have a few favorites. My Sister-in-Law Erin and a someone from high school Summer are my top favs right now. Don't worry I will put the links in here and they are in my list on here as well. My second fave is Lacey in Love. She is so up beat and I love reading hers!! I sit down everyday and when hers is new I get so happy!! Those three just keep me going and have made me do mine!! SO thanks guys!! Lacey's Summer's Erin's

Check these girls out, I love them and I know you all will too!!

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Enjoyed your blog...Since I did not get to all the blogs during the blog party dates, I am going to keep going for a few days...I have found so many great blogs....wish I had time to read lots of posts on every blog and plan to come back to many. I am not going to have the prizes on mine sorted out until tomorrow, so anyone that leaves a comment Sat or Sun will go into a special drawing for SUPRISE GIFT. Hope you will stop by...