Saturday, May 15, 2010

Classic movies and childhood memories!!

The past few weeks I have been reliving my favorite movies of my childhood. I have been sharing them with the kiddos and to my surprise they actually like some of them!!

It all started when I got from the library 5 Roger and Hammersteins musicals. We watched "Sound of Music" first. They watched the entire thing and loved it. They want to go with me to Salzburg, Austria where a lot of it was filmed. Hey its only 3 hours away and we may just go for a weekend. They like the songs and were singing them for a few days afterwards. It was great. Of course the next one to watch was "State Fair" and " Gone With the Wind" They didn't really get into those but GWTW is pretty long!! "Oklahoma" was next and they watched it and said it was ok. Brendan was like where is this at, is it a state? I told him yes and that we have family in the state of OK. Just tonight I watched "The Little Princess" with Shirley Temple. They liked it, but it just made me remember watching all of her movies at my dad's growing up. I would always watch her movies when I would visit him and it was so fun. My goal is to watch a bunch more classical movies with them, we will have to use netflix for most of them. I am trying for "Mary Poppins" next.

If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. What is your favorite movie form your childhood? We have seen "Labyrinth" and " The Never Ending Story" as well. We have seen of few of the Muppet ones too!!

That's what we are doing on the rainy days and its been great to cuddle with the kiddos and watch some good classic movies!!


Pam said...

Some childhood favorites? I LOVED Mary Poppins, the original Star Wars movies, and for musicals, Grease, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls...I know I have more, I will think about it and get back to you!!

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Genny said...

I loved the Sound of Music. :)

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