Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thursdays

Random thoughts Thursday:

I have been bad this past few weeks and I am sorry. I have been busy.
Life has gotten in the way of my new past time. I was busy getting ready for a promotion board, which i passed and hopefully soon someday I will get promoted. 
This week, DR has been complaining of an ear ache so I took him to the doctor and he has an ear infection but the doc saw a blister in his ear and wants us to come back in two weeks to see if its just the infection of something else. Its Spring clean up here and that means I have to make sure my yard is pretty. I am trying to win yard of the month again, I did it in VA. I found a German version of Lowe's, so I am hitting that store up this weekend!! I will post pictures when its all pretty, but I have flowers in pots and working on weeding and mulching around the bushes. I am turning a fire pit into a planter ( never use it) and thought I would make the front yard pretty too!!

Now that life has slowed down a bit, I will be better and just need to buy a card reader so I can upload pictures to my computer life would be so much better. I did find the time to watch a couple movies, I watched "Julie and Julia" What a great movie!! Now I am reading the book, which is even better. It makes me want to try French cooking!!

Oh by the way, a new video by Carrie Underwood is out!! I remember when she was on Idol and then I went and saw her in VA. She was so nice and sweet. She signed my hat, which I still have and I still use the key chain to this day!! I love her and admire her!!

Well enough ramblings today!! I am off to do something for somebody I am sure!!

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